Legrand 25mm Closed Grommets - GP12

LegrandSKU: GP12



Price per 100 units

Black Closed Cable Grommets 25mm - Pack of 100

Also known as as Blind Cable Grommets, these products help to provide flexibility and maneuverability and a secure fitting to your panel or cable hole, providing a quality air-tight seal which is expected of such a product. Preventing the need for adhesives or fixings these Blind Grommets simply push fit, holding themselves in place thanks to the properties of the rubber used to create them. Blind/Closed Grommets are common-place inside many industries, especially the Electronics industry where they are used on a daily basis to thread cables and encompass wires, greatly pro-longing their life as well as ensuring that they adhere to all health and safety requirements.

These Closed Grommets are resistant to many different factors including Weathering, UV and Acids/Alkali's thanks to the high grade of material used.

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