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AICO Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch - EI1529RC

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AICO Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch - EI1529RC

£21.24 100 in stock.

Standard Delivery Receive by and .

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Ei1529RC Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch

  • Install as part of the system to get more control over your alarms
  • Mains powered
  • Hard wired interconnection
  • Test, Locate and Silence
  • Compatible with Ei2110e Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, 160e Series alarms, 140RC Series alarms and mains powered Carbon Monoxide alarms


Product Description

The Ei1529RC  is used to control all the alarms in a system from one place. We highly recommend fitting a control switch if you have smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms on the same system as it’s essential that you can tell which alarm has sounded. From then you can identify which danger is present and the action you should take.

This mains powered accessory increases the flexibility and user friendliness of the alarms by allowing the user to remotely Test, Locate and Silence alarms in the system:

  • Test  The alarm system
  • Locate – The alarm that has been activated
  • Silence– Any nuisance alarms
This model of Control Switch is hard wired into the system, but there are wireless versions available. Visit Wireless Alarm Controllers for more information.

Technical Specification

  • Compiles with electrical safety requirements: EN61000-6-1:2007 Et EN61000-6-2:2005 (EMC Directive) and EN60065:2001 + A12:2011 (Low voltage directive).
  • Carries the CE mark to indicate conformance to Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.
  • Wall mounted for ease of use – can be fixed with surface mount box supplied, or will fit a standard recessed box (not supplied).
  • Suitable for siting at any convenient point in the property. Up to 4 x Ei1529RC switches can be installed in a system along with a maximum of 20 x 2110e, 160e or 140RC Series smoke and heat alarms or 260ENRC Series Carbon Monoxide alarms.
  • The unit incorporates 3 switches marked ‘Locate’, ‘Test’ and ‘Hush’. These provide control features as detailed below and a mains check function as detailed below.
  • ‘Locate’ – When the system is in an alarm state, pressing and releasing the ‘Locate’ switch will silence all alarms in the system except for the alarm that initiated the alarm state. This feature allows easy identification of either the source of a nuisance alarm, or the site of a real fire. Note: Pressing the ‘Locate’ switch temporarily disables the interconnect line between the alarms, it does not disable the individual alarms in the system. Each alarm is still fully functional as a stand-alone unit until the system automatically resets within 10 minutes of operation. The system can be manually reset at any time by pressing the ‘Test’ switch until all the alarms sound.
  • ‘Test’ – Pressing the ‘Test’ switch into the ‘on’ position will test all the alarms in the system. This operation is equivalent to pressing the ‘Test’ button on all alarms in the system simultaneously and as such performs a true functional test of the system without having to reach up to each alarm in turn. Pressing the ‘Test’ switch overrides the ‘Location’ function and resets the system to standby.
  • ‘Hush’ – Momentarily pressing the ‘Hush’ button switch allows remote silencing of false alarms. The system will reset automatically after approximately 10 minutes. In the unlikely event that a fire should occur during the ‘Hush’ period the feature will be overridden when sufficient smoke has entered the sensor chamber of the smoke alarms in the system, or sufficient CO has entered the sensor of the CO alarms in the system. Note: The ‘Hush’ feature will not operate if the CO alarm is sensing CO levels of 300ppm or above due to the increased danger.
  • Main Check – Provides warning of mains failure, as the ‘Test’ feature will not operate in the absence of mains power.
  • Easily installed via a 3 wire connection of live, Neutral and Interconnect/Control (as standard smoke/heat alarm wiring).
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 40mm deep.
  • Weight inclusive of packaging: 240g.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


Ei1529RC Instructions

Ei1529RC Datasheet


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