APCO Energy is an online Electrical Wholesaler & Distributor offering Electrical Supplies to a diverse range of industries and applications in the United Kingdom. We bring over 40 years of Electrical Supplier experience by delivering to great construction booms in recent times including the Middle-East. We offer exceptional precision in the identification, wholesale and distribution electrical products to:

  • Buildings and Construction
  • Engineering and Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Retail

APCO Energy recognises the procurement challenges and complexities facing each of our Clients and their projects. We eliminate these challenges through our e-commerce features:

  • Intuitive Interface with Powerful Search Matrices including SKUs of Electrical Supplies
  • Diverse Range of Electrical Supplies
  • Real-Time Product Availability
  • Real Time Order Tracking
  • Rapid Order Fulfilment
  • Informative Client Account Dashboard
  • 24/7 Account Management and Support
  • Trusted and Secure online payment system
  • Compatible across all mobile devices to enable on-the-go order fulfilment.

Our distinctive e-commerce enterprise is equipped with an on-call B2B Handshake. We come to you; we understand and deliver to your requirements to become a key part of your business. APCO Energy bridges the gap between technological advancement through an e-commerce marketplace coupled with the traditional code of one to one business collaboration.

We offer a modern online experience compatible across all mobile devices with face-to-face Client engagement.  APCO Energy’s on-the-move accessibility supports the uniqueness, complexity and vibrancy of your procurement demands.

Our e-commerce solutions include bespoke Client services providing preferential pricing unique to each of our Clients. We’ll bring our solutions to you, tailored only for you around your business needs.

APCO Energy. We're at your fingertips!
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